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The Illusionati Cabal

"We don't really exist, we're just here to make you paranoid."

Hail Eris! And welcome to the home of the Illusionati Discordian Cabal on the web, a place you definitely have not seen ever -- not even now, hint-hint, shank-shank.
Ours is an ancient order (about 3 months old, as of this writing), dedicated to... well... whatever we feel like, really. Our leader and only real member (we have a lot of fictional members, all trapped in our leader's head) only really does Discordian stuff when he's bored and feeling silly. The rest of the membership approves (we have to, or else he pokes us with Q-tips).
This site is currently only in the early phases of development. As time goes on, we'll expand the site -- or maybe we won't. But you'll be able to learn more about us, including plenty of interesting facts and fantasies which we'll refute within the same breath. Hopefully, we'll at least succeed in amusing you briefly. We laugh at ourselves a lot, but getting other people to laugh along takes some work.
This site is completely fnord-free! Except for the preceding sentence, you won't find a one here. We refuse to use THEIR tools, even though we mock THEM with our very name. That, and as a joke, the word has been overexposed and worn a bit thin. We'd rather use something more than just the f-word to grab attention.

Saints -- the saints of the Illusionati
Writings -- inspired words and essays
Our leader is Nerrin the First, Second, and Fourth (for now), nKSC
Chaplin in the Legion of Dynamic Discord
Mega-Magus of No Real Power
Patron Gnome of Forgetfulness
Arch-Anti-ArchPope of Popery
Knight Erratic

Last updated on 32 Confusion, 3171.

All rites reversed (k) 2012-1983