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The Illusionati Cabal

Everything Is Real

Everything is real. Even imaginary stuff.
Everything influences everything else. This is what makes the universe beautifully eristic and hopelessly aneristic. We can't escape it, but at least we can have fun trying to (not) understand it. It's said that a person never dies until the effects he or she has had on the lives of others ends, like a ripple. We never die, then, because we always have an effect on somebody, and they go on having an effect on other people -- and how they go about having an effect on someone else is determined to some degree by the effect we had on them. Some people just alter our moods slightly up or down (or sideways) whenever we interact with or even think about them. Other people change our lives forever.
And we're not just influenced by humans. We're influenced by everything. It's dizzying and scary and wonderful all at the same time. We constantly see and measure things not by direct observation, but by how they influence other things that we can see. It's how we find other planets outside our solar system -- their gravity yanks their star back and forth as they orbit, and that wobble is what we measure. We even trust that what's on the other side of the Matrix (that is, the Matrix as defined by ORL, not the one with the white rabbit and the viruses dressed like MiBs) is still there. We have no proof anything on the other side of the Matrix is there, but we act as if they are, through the supreme logic filters of "it stands to reason" and "as I recall."
And don't even get me started on stories, be they in book or movie or comic form. No matter what is made, Frodo is not and never will be real (except, he is), but that doesn't change the fact that I've spent my time and money and other resources on Frodo, Samwise, Aragorn, Gandalf, and all the rest of the Fellowship anyways. They have had and will have a measureable effect upon me, and upon millions (if not billions) of other people. For something to actually influence something else, there has to be some reality to it. So while Frodo and Samwise are not and never will be classically (that is, physically) real, they are really real. Something that isn't real can't influence anything else.
Everything is real. Even imaginary stuff.
(Yes, this felt revelationary at 2:30 in the morning, when this was written.)

Scribbled on 23 Confusion 3171

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