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The Illusionati Cabal
Christian symbology

The phoenix was once an important symbol to Christianity. It represented the resurrection of Christ. The dove was used as well. As was a shepherd carrying a lamb. And the rainbow. The fish is one that still holds on. However, generally these have fallen into obscurity for one major symbol: the cross, with or without Jesus nailed up on it. This is the predominant symbol, and the others rarely see use, if they're ever even used at all anymore.
Sit back a moment and think about this. Symbols of life and protection and rebirth have fallen aside... for a tool of death?
This is very disturbing to me, especially that so many people mindlessly accept it now. Christianity is extremely fixated upon death -- if the crucifix isn't enough evidence, look at the popularity of "Passion" movies and plays among Christians. Especially the latest one; that was a brutal, vicious splasher (like slasher, only more bloody) movie. Or let me say a few words on the biggest enticement proselytizing Christians can produce: not that it's morally or ethically right, not that it's good (though they make those independent claims like they are the same as the next one), but what happens when you die. This is the Big One. You go to the nice place if you obey the rules on Earth. The whole goal for so many fits into this death fixation perfectly. Nevermind that we could make it a nice and enjoyable place here if we really tried, no, it has to be after death. If the atheists are right, we'd feel a right lot of idiots for not trying to make things good when we still had a life to do it -- not that there'd be anything hanging around afterwards to think or feel this, if the atheists are right.
So, this whole death fixation worries me. A lot. It doesn't help that I think that belief and thoughts and the will have real power in shaping reality, if in a more subtle fashion than some might think. What is becoming a two-thousand year death kick is a bad thing, especially when it is carried on by so many people. I don't think it can do anything but harm the world and humanity, and I'm willing to bet a great deal of violence instigated by people of faith is a result of this. Abortion clinic bombings, religious crusading and the insistence of forcing a belief system upon others, hateful "rules" and strictures enforced with death, all these things eating up thousands if not millions or billions of people constantly over the centuries upon centuries.
What worries me even more is that Christianity isn't the only religion with this death fixation.
Dear God, protect me from your followers.

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