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The Illusionati Cabal


The Illusionati Cabal has a fine tradition of appointing saints as the mood strikes. We name both fictional and real people as saints, and amuse ourselves with not telling them afterwards. Or sometimes we tell them, and proceed to deny that we ever named them such. We take our amusement where we can find it.
Saints, Second-class
In the fine old tradition, real people can only attain second-class sainthood. So far, we have only specifically declared two such saints: just like the Joshua Norton Cabal (only better), we recognize his eminence, the honorable Emperor Norton I, and we also... one such saint. We never sainted the second saint.
We are also extending sainthood to everyone in the Surveillance Camera Players, a number of groups who sound suspiciously like participants in Operation Mindfuck.
Lance Saint
Our only current lance saint is the wizzard Rincewind, of the Discworld. Disorder follows the blessed fellow wherever he goes, though the only reason he hasn't been given a higher rank is because he bemoans his fate as an attractor of eristic forces.
Lieutenant Saint
Here also we have only one saint under this classification. That's because we can't be arsed to think up any more, and would rather get this page done with for now. We recognize the Lieutenant Saint BT Elder, director of Obscure Research Labs. We don't actually know if the good Director is a real person or not (or if the ORL is a real organization or not), but we'll give him the benefit of the doubt. If he's real, we'll go ahead and declare him a second-class saint as well, but don't expect us to actually admit to it. While the ORL website was still up, BT Elder amused us (very good) and baffled us (even better) endlessly. Extra recognition for admitting that being able to laugh is important, even in their field (which may or may not actually be studied).
Brigadier Saint
Our first brigadier saint is Emperor Norton I. Not only worthy as a real-life saint, the good emperor has been immortalized in fiction and is very deserving of this position.
We also join the fictional Roman Catholic Church of the Future! in sainting Isaac Edward Leibowitz. We take this uncommon act of sainting a fictional man who stood for order and aneristic forces because his was creative work, not destructive, in working to save the science and knowledge of humanity after the Flame Deluge. And for those who object to sainting a man of order, bear this in mind: by bringing things back around from Aftermath to Bureaucracy, his order set things up for a hell of a lot more discord once the Greyfaces got technology going again. We also consider that Leibowitz may have been an accidental Eristic Avatar (as if there's any other kind).
Five Star Saint
We'll get back to you when we feel like coming up with our own apostles of Eris, if we even bother choosing any different ones.
Nerrin the Third, Sixth, Ninth, and Twelfth (irrespectively), nKSC
Goblin Gabbler
Bearer of the Titanium Teaspoon

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